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Founded in 2010 and licensed by the TRC, Golden Link has focused on providing reliable and high quality communication solutions. Our core values are: Integrity, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction. Our vision is to become the leaders in UCaaS and VoIP solutions in the region.

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Areas of Service

Meeting Your Needs

VoIP Services

High Quality and Reliablility

We are the preferred choice of Tier 1 telecom operators due to our meticulous route testing, commitment to quality assurance, and unmatched reliability. As a leading provider, we offer telecom operators direct routes to the Middle East, Gulf, and South Asia, guaranteeing the highest level of call quality. Our dedication extends to selecting top-tier suppliers and partners, ensuring an exceptional experience for our valued customers and end users alike.

Network Hub and Cable
International Flags

International Calling

Low Prices and High Quality

Discover our unbeatable prices for calls to all networks worldwide. Get your own SIP account that seamlessly integrates with any Open Application, allowing you to make international calls at incredibly competitive rates. What sets us apart is that we offer billing increments by the second, not by the minute. Experience the difference and start saving on your calls today!

International Toll Free Numbers

Competitive prices

Enabling communication channels with your end users in countries where you lack physical presence can significantly impact sales and customer satisfaction. By actively engaging with customers, listening to their feedback, and establishing a centralized call center to handle global inquiries, you can achieve substantial cost savings while enhancing customer satisfaction. International toll-free numbers play a pivotal role in accomplishing these objectives.

Data Cloud
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King Hussein Business Park, Building no.7, 1st floor

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